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In his extensive career the Pilot Ramón Morillas Salmerón has developed paramotor and paragliding potential, taking it to insurmountable levels. He has contributed to position Spanish air sports at the highest international level.



Highlights of his achievements

- 4 times Paramotor World Champion.

- Several times holder of Altitude and Distance paramotor records.

Currently holding

Distance world record Jerez-Lanzarote 1105 Km over the Atlantic Ocean in 2007. Altitude world record flying over Masherbrum Peak 7821 m in the Pakistani Karakorum in 2009.

During his career he has been awarded the Bronze Medal to the sports merit (CSD) and the Aeronautical Merit Cross with White Distinctive (Spanish Air Force). The international Aeronautical Federation has awarded him with the Anne Welch Diploma (2006 – 2007 – 2010) y Paul Tissandier (2003).

Ramón Morillas is an officially recognised elite sportsman from 1997 until the present day.

The pilot forms part of the athletes selection that takes part in the hardest paragliding competition. The Red Bull X-Alps that traverses the Alps from Salzburg to Monaco in a vertiginous race of strength and thermic flying.

If you add his passion for aerial exploration in free flight as well as in paramotor we can affirm that Ramón Morillas is one of the most complete athletes of the International Aeronautical Panorama.

“Brush of a lifetime dedicated to the world of paramotor and paragliding.”




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Courses around the world


Course of Slalom/Classic in Paramotor

Improve your motor riding technique and start slalom competition. Very interesting are the talks and experiences of Ramón during the course where you will live in the first person as you prepare.



Active Safety and Pilot Course

Customized tecnification courses so that at the end of the week you will not only enjoy the scenery and exceptional flights ... in addition your technique and flight piloting will have improved.



Course of Cross in Paragliding

Cross Courses in paragliding to enjoy with friends where you will know the development and potential of both paragliding and the potential of your sail to achieve perfection in your flight technique.


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Stress control in thermal

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Intensive paragliding and paramotor initiation

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Pilot for a day





Professional exhibitions


Nuestros patrocinadores

Our work in images



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Most important news

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Jordan Hot Air Balloon Festival 2021

Day and night flying in Jordan with our paramotor team. More info.

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World Precision Championship Macedonia 2021

Sixth classified by teams in the accuracy world championship. More info.

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Trike paramotor new world record 2021

Beat 3 world records in one hour at Cenes de la Vega. More info.

Blog Image  

Andalusia Slalom Paramotor Championship Bornos 2021

Third place on foot as in trike our champion continues to reap successes. More info.

Blog Image  

I Segura Race 3D 2021

First place in the first speed championship SEGURA RACE 3D. More info.

Blog Image  

Spanish Tandem Championship Pegalajar 2021

Tandem participation flying a distance of 51 km from Pegalajar. More info.

Blog Image  

Active Paramotor Pilot - Ecuador 2021

Many pilots took the course to improve their flight technique. More info.

Blog Image  

Cross Course in Colombia 2021

7 local pilots traveled to another continent with Ramón to do the cross country course. More info.

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Virtual conference ASUP 2020

Ramon Morillas gives a talk on paragliding and paramotor safety. See film.

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Andalusia Championship Slalom Paramotor Bornos 2020

First place on foot as in trike our champion continues adding successes. More info.

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Spanish Championship in PIEDRAHITA 2020

This year our champion participates in the Spanish Paragliding Championship 2020. More info.

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Las Candelas Paramotores 2020

Ramón Morillas air show at the 2020 Paramotor Air Festival. More info.

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National Championship Slalom Paramotor Bornos 2019

This year our champion continues to get podiums like nothing. More info.

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Night air show FIA YELMO 2019

This year our champion has made a nocturnal exhibition 2019. More information.

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Active Pilot Course in Paramotor

Course in Uruguay of two-seater improvement, take-off on foot and trike. More information.

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Spanish Precision Championship 2019

First classified in the 2019 Spanish Championship at Cenes de la Vega. See photos.

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Active Pilot Course in Paragliding

Course in Colombia Valle del Cauca - It will take place in January February 2019. More information.

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Active Pilot Course in Paramotor

Course in Colombia Lake Calima - It will take place in January February 2019. More information.

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Egypt World Championship 2018

5ºth individual in the World Cup in Egypt 2018. See photos.

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Spanish Slalom Championship 2018

First place championship of Spain 2018 slalom category trike. See photos.

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XIX FIA El Yelmo 2018

Coordination and exhibition in paramotor of Ramon Morillas in FIA El Yelmo. See photos.

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Spain paramotor championship 2018

Fifth individual and third team qualifier in Bangkok. See photos.

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Course Training Slalom Paramotor-Bornos 2018

Completion of the course from 21 to 25 March, 2018. Places limited.

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Paragliding course-Colombia 2017

Completion of the course from February 27 to March 5, 2017. Places limited.

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Exhibitions on the Nile River-Sudan 2017

Full spectacular and great reception of the governor of the area and the president of Sudan.

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FLYPA crossing Jerez - Lanzarote

On Friday 31 May hold a conference in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Elder Museum.

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25 years between heaven and earth

25 years is nothing as the champion says, I just want to illustrate it with a few words and images.

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Expedition August - Pakistan

About 25 days, traveling up to 300 kilometers, crossing the Hunza Valley.


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